Cumberland Plateau Recovery of Livingston, TN

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XMi Community Enterprises (Health Connect America, Cumberland Plateau Recovery) continues to show high levels of customer satisfaction based on surveys that our stakeholders complete before, during and after services. Our Annual Stakeholder Surveys reflect a strong sense of satisfaction on the following:


  • XMi Staff respond to the needs of their clients
  • Clients feel the XMi staff really listen to what they had to say
  • The XMi staff encourage clients to talk about things that troubled them
  • Clients feel they are making progress toward their goals
  • XMi Staff help to develop ways for the clients and their families to better get along
  • While in the program, parents and clients learned things to help them in their everyday life
  • Clients feel they are doing better since working with XMi Community Enterprises
  • Parents and clients feel they have a good relationship with their XMi staff
  • Parents and clients feel XMi staff show genuine concern for their family's well being
  • Parents and clients feel their XMi staff help them to solve problems they find important
  • Parents and clients feel the XMi staff are helpful to them
  • Parents and Clients feel the XMi staff was available to them when they needed him or her
  • The XMi Staff encourage success in school
  • The XMi staff is consistent with keeping all appointments
  • Parents feel XMi Staff spend enough time with their child
  • Parents feel the program was helpful for their child
  • Parents agree with the treatment/service goals for their child
  • Parents and clients feel their family has benefited from this program

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